What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Nick was professional, on time both in bidding and then in scheduling and completing the work. He is clear to work with, flexible. The work was of very fine quality and well thought out. We would definitely work with Nick again."

"This was our fourth project on our 110 year old floor-thru condo and by far, Nick was the best contractor we worked with so far. The pantry project was something we had planned for a long time but never found the right contractor. What makes him special is that he is a business person first and a contractor second. He understands the need to effectively communicate the state of the project, how to keep his clients informed and how to set expectations. For example, in the middle of the project, he communicated via email and voicemail that he was not going to be on-site the following day. He is the first contractor to effectively use a blackberry and I can't be more impressed. From start to finish, he said what he did, and did what he said. He was reliable and dependable - told us when he would be coming to the house and was never late, met his start date (which for us was about 4 weeks after we decided to engage him) and finished on time, on budget and was willing to do some extra stuff as the project proceeded. So, is he really this good? Yes he is. I'd recommend him and we already have Nick lined up to help with some additional custom woodworking and renovations in the near future."

"For those who like things short and sweet: Nick does excellent work at a very reasonable price. He shows up when he says he will. He takes your calls. He's a straight shooter, a very hard worker, and an upright person. Every time I wrote a check to Nick, I knew EXACTLY what I was paying for, and that it was FULLY earned. We will definitely hire Nick again. For those who like details: Nick is an intelligent professional with great technical skills and pride in his work. He chooses his subcontractors carefully and somehow manages to coordinate them so that everything happens smoothly and in an order that makes sense. He communicates clearly, quickly, and with respect. All the qualities you should be able to expect in a contractor -- Nick has them. So I have the luxury of commenting on a more intangible quality I think is very special about Nick. In addition to all his other skills, Nick's unflappable manner has been unbelievably important to us. Through the course of this project we hit several snags (all unrelated to Nick), and he didn't just put up with them, he HELPED us deal with them. If you have remodeled before, you can imagine what a relief it would be to have your contractor actively working with you when the unexpected happens. When the Inspection Department needed changes to our drawings--right when our architect was leaving town for three weeks--Nick helped us research and plan the changes, and then juggled his schedule so he could be available when we were ready to restart the project. When we needed to reposition a closet, Nick patiently worked out dimensions with us to utilize the space as efficiently as possible. When we wanted the floor laid differently, Nick figured out how to take up and re-lay the needed section with the minimum of damage. When he had to start another project partway through ours (because ours had been delayed while we waited to make changes to the drawings), he worked double shifts and weekends to keep things going for us. He was so obviously dedicated to getting the project done to our complete satisfaction. I should mention that I called all 5 of the references Nick provided (the first three because I always call three, and the last two just because I was hearing such good stuff). The comment I heard over and over was, "In a few years, Nick will be one of the most sought-after contractors in the area. You are getting a real bargain, working with him now." I have to agree."

"Nick created and innovated, and restored and refinished- in short, his patience and vision created a fabulous room, with a huge breakfast bar, re-placed ( as in position, since it was impossible to match cabinets that were 27 years old) cabinets, and re-crafted moldings. We discussed how high and where exactly the breakfast bar should be, and his friend splendidly installed the granite. Nick preserved the oak floors as he worked, and they look wonderful. Everyone who walks into the house says this: This is the way this kitchen always should have looked! This is high praise indeed for a house that was built one hundred years ago. Nick showed skill and patience and ingenuity far beyond his years. Move from this house? Never. Nick created my dream kitchen."

"Nick made the experience seamless. We could not have had a better contractor. He was honest, friendly, and extremely professional and brought in excellent subcontractors. He was outstanding!"

"As an interior designer, I have used quite a few contractors on projects and Nick was one of the best. Since this particular project was a high end job for a local sports player, I needed someone reliable. He is prompt, professional and the finished work is excellent."

"Prior to this remodel, our kitchen was as ugly and inefficient as they come. Now, it's the centerpiece of our home. Most importantly, the transformation was effortless (on our part) thanks to Nick's skill and professionalism. Over the course of the month-long project, it was clear that Nick had a day-by-day plan in mind from the outset, and he stuck to it precisely, even taking into account the inevitable setbacks. Nick was responsive to all of our concerns, and from the get-go, inspired a great deal of confidence. We trusted his judgment on issues big and small, and his knowledge and insight on topics ranging from ceiling height to the type of flooring to use were invaluable. The most defining characteristic of his work was his cleanliness. We would come home from work each day, and simply be stunned that the amount of progress left such little mess. He took precautions to confine dust and debris to his work area (sparing the rest of our house) and meticulously swept up at the end of each day. Our kitchen looks tremendous, and we will never take for granted the effort and skill that went into it. We look forward to hiring Nick again for another project soon."